Why choose a FCSA Umbrella?

With so many Umbrella companies in the market, choosing the right provider for your PSL can often seem like a daunting task especially when its one you need to get right as the Criminal Finances Act 2017 makes recruitment business directors potentially criminally liable for failing to prevent tax evasion.

Many companies portray to be Umbrella Companies, or mini umbrellas and many agencies have been duped into using schemes that are resulting in prosecution. HMRC are now very active in pursuing anyone connected to these schemes to ensure contractors are protected.

By choosing an FCSA accredited umbrella you can rest assured your contractors are paid correctly, taxes are deducted and paid correctly, and you are using a compliant solution.

This protects you and your clients.

What is the FCSA?

The FCSA is the “UK’s leading membership body dedicated to raising standards and promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market.”

To gain accreditation Umbrellaphant and all FCSA accredited companies undergo a comprehensive audit and assessment process by independent auditors. This is carried out annually to ensure standards are upheld. There is also a code of compliance to adhere to promoting best practice.

Umbrellaphant prides itself on service and compliance. We only offer compliant solutions.

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